Episode 51

Published on:

26th Aug 2021

Women, Use Your Voice! with the Enigmatic Emcee and Potent Professional Speaker, Quinn Conyers

Quinn Conyers slid in the Diner booth with me this episode!  She is an incredible Master of Ceremonies (emcee) and powerful public speaker who specializes in helping Black women find and use their voices. Quinn and I first bonded over our love of crabby fries. Then we learn how Quinn fell in love with being an emcee. I loved her mantra of, “I don’t want to be booked and busy, I want to be peaceful and paid!” It was powerful learning when Quinn learned to step into her voice and speak up as a black woman. Especially while being raised by her mother who is from a generation that was taught to be quiet to survive. Quinn told us why and how she started to help fellow black women recognize their value, use their voices, and become speakers. She shared with us a few ways women can use their voices more at work, at home, and in the wild. We ended with her answer to an important question: what can leadership do at companies to ensure women and people of color can use their voice at work? Real strong episode here, y’all!



About the Guest: 

Quinn Conyers broadcast the brilliance of women in business! She shows them how to Turn Conversations into Cash so they can profit from public speaking. Quinn believes your voice is your secret weapon in business and is a master at training entrepreneurs how to leverage public speaking as a marketing strategy, lead generation tool, and revenue stream in your business. If you are ready to maximize and monetize all speaking opportunities on behalf of your business, book, or brand you are in the right place. After this powerful presentation, Quinn will show you how to verbalize your value and articulate your awesomeness so you can leverage your mouth as your #1 marketing strategy in business and be super successful! She has over 16 years of virtual and in-person speaking, event hosting, and training experience.

Quinn is eager and excited to unleash the voices of women in business all across the globe so they are clear, concise, and compelling every time they open their mouths. Quinn has taught Speech Communications for 5 years at Coppin State University, earned a Bachelor's Degree from West Chester University and a Masters from Howard University in Washington DC. Quinn is the author of 2 books, made it to the 2nd round of Shark Tank auditions four times, been featured on the Entrepreneurs Elevator Pitch TV show as well Essence, Black Enterprise, Vision and Purpose and Empowering Women to Speak Out Magazines. Get your pen and paper ready and join me in welcoming our guest speaker Quinn Conyers.


Connect with Quinn and learn more:

Website: www.quinnconyers.com Clubhouse: @quinnconyers

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quinn.conyers

Instagram: https://instagram.com/quinn.conyers?igshid=db4vywpumxaz

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/quinnconyers

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/quinnconyers?lang=en

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